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Things to do in Blumenau, SC: Tips beyond Oktoberfest

Want to know what to do in Blumenau?In this post, we give you several tips on the main attractions of the national capital of beerand one of the most German cities in Brazil.

Of course Blumenau’s highlight is the Oktorbefest, but the city has many other attractions that the whole family can enjoy all year round.

We also provide tips on where to stay and much more.Have a nice trip!

Blumenau City Hall (Photo: This World Is Ours)

By the way, first of all, we’ve prepared an index so that you have quick access to several parts of the post:

What to do in Blumenau, SC

Finally, here are the tips on what to do in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

1.Vila Germanica

We couldn’t start the post with what to do in Blumenau talking about another place.Without a doubt, Vila Germanicais one of the main attractions in Blumenau, as it is here that some of the city’s main events take place.

Although it is famous for hosting Oktoberfest, Vila Germanica can be visited throughout the year.

Entrada da Vila Germânica, dica do que fazer em Blumenau, com construções em estilo enxaimel
Vila Germânica (Photo: This World is Ours)

In its 40,000 square meters, the village has souvenir and handicraft shops.In fact, visiting the village is a real trip to Germany without leaving Brazil.

Parte externa da Vila Germânica com construções no estilo enxaimel amarelas, em Blumenau
Vila Germanica (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

In total, it has four large pavilions and a beautiful exterior.

In addition, other events such as the Sommerfest and the Brazilian Beer Festival take place here.

Área externa da Vila Germânica, dica de o que fazer em Blumenau, com construção em estilo enxaimel e tapete verde
Vila Germanica (Photo: This World is Ours)

By the way, Easter and Christmas events also take place in the Vila.

Vila Germânica is open every day of the year.

End.:R.Rua XV de Novembro

Like practically every city, Blumenau also has its Rua XV de Novembro.Located downtown, it has several stores.

Rua XV de Novembro, em Blumenau, com construções em estilo enxaimel em dia de céu azul com nuvens
Rua XV de Novembro (Photo: This World is Ours)

Commerce is the main attraction here, as there are many options for stores in the region, ranging from department stores to bakeries and restaurants.

It is worth noting that some buildings are in the Enxaimelstyle, a German construction technique without using nails and screws.

On this street are the Carlos Gomes Theater and the Castelinho da Havan.

3.City Hall and Flower Clock

Another tip of what to do in Blumenau is to stroll through City Hall.Although it’s just the outside, it’s worth it, as the building is very beautiful.

Prefeitura de Blumenau com decoração de Páscoa na frente em dia de céu nublado
Blumenau City Hall (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Enjoy that it’s on Av.Next to it is the famous Flower Clock.But, unfortunately, when we were in Blumenau, it was closed for renovation.

End.:Praça Víctor Konder, 02

4.Itajaí-Açu River

Incidentally, it is also worth walking in this same region to observe the Itajaí-Açu Riverand the Aldo Pereira de Andrade Iron Bridge, which was built with material imported from Germany and opened in 1931.

Rio Itajaí-Açu, dica de o que fazer em Blumenau, em dia nublado com Ponte de Ferro Aldo Pereira de Andrade
Itajaí-Açu River (Photo: This World is Ours)

5.Beer Museum

Currently under renovation and scheduled to open in the second half of 2022, the Beer Museumopened in 1996.Xavantina, 100).

Luzes acesas e mesas externa do Norden Bar & Biergarten
Norden Bar & Biergarten (Photo: This World is Ours)

Caneca de chopp do Norden Bar & Biergarten, dica do que fazer em Blumenau
Norden Bar & Biergarten (Photo: This World is Ours)

Another brewery not to be missed on your list is Eisenbahn Bierhaus.Of course, you can’t miss the typical beer from Eisenbahn (End.: Vila Germânica –

If you like to know the beer-making process, you can visit Blumenau beer factory.You must make an appointment in advance by phone (47) 3338-5000.In addition, there is a factory store with several items from the brand (End.: R.Hermann Hering, 1740
It works Mondays to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm

8.Emporio Hemmer

Hemmeris also a brand from Blumenau.For those who live in cities like São Paulo, you are used to seeing few of their products in supermarkets, including ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

Empório Hemmer, dica de o que fazer em Blumenau, com diversos produtos da marca
Emporium Hemmer (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

In the brand’s factory store, you can find all Hemmer products available on the market.In addition, there are beers made by the brand.

End.:R. Heinrich Hemmer, 2773
Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm.On Saturdays, from 7 am to 4 pm.

9.Glas Park – Crystal Museum

If you like crystals but have never seen one made, you can’t miss Glas Park.

Cristais expostos na Glas Park Museu do Cristal, dica do que fazer em Blumenau
Glas Park (Photo: This World is Ours)

In the store, which is also is a Crystal Museum, you can follow the entire process of making a piece of crystal.You can see the employees preparing several items.

In addition, one of them prepares an item from start to finish especially for the customers who are watching the process.When we went, he made a crystal dolphin.It was a really cool experience, but unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take pictures or videos of it.

By the way, the store also has a variety of products (some at a discount).

End.: Rua Rudolf Roedel, 233
Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm |On Saturdays, from 9 am to 1 pm

10.Restaurante Moinho do Vale

The Restaurante Moinho do Valewas highly recommended for us, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to get to know it.

Varanda do restaurante Moinho do Vale com mesas e janelas de vidro (Foto: Instagram do restaurante)
Restaurant Moinho do Vale (Photo: Instagram of the restaurant)

It was built in 1970 on the banks of the Itajaí-Açu River.For starters, there are beef croquettes, shrimp dumplings and hackepeter (I love this German dish that looks like steak tartare).As a main course there is sea bass with spicy sauce and black rice with shrimp and fillet stroganoff.There are also pastas and risottos.

End.:R.Visits during the week must be scheduled via WhatsApp (47) 99782-1286, but on weekends it is not necessary to schedule.

Open from 8:15 am at 6 pm.

End.:R. Santa Maria, 14000

15.Parque São Francisco de Assis

Another tip of what to do in Blumenau is to visit Parque São Francisco de Assis, as it is located in the center of the city.It covers 23 hectares.

The park has 4 signposted trails, Atlantic Forest and a small waterway.

It is open every day.From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm.On weekends and holidays, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 4 pm.

By the way, on rainy days, the São Francisco de Assis Park is not open.Admission is free.

End.:R. Ingo Hering, 390

16.Parque Ramiro Ruediger

The Parque Ramiro Ruedigeris another tourist attraction in Blumenau.It is the largest public park in the city with 40 thousand square meters.

Lago com construção na frente em dia de céu azul com poucas nuvens do Parque Ramiro Ruediger (Foto: Site oficial do parque)
Parque Ramiro Ruediger (Photo: Official website of the park )

The park’s attractions include a running track, beer hall, playground, tennis courts and sports courts.There is also an area for sand volleyball and a skate park.

End.:R. Alberto Stein, 416

Other tips from things to do in Blumenau and region

17.Comer a Linguiça Blumenau

When we went to Balneário Camboriú, we had already heard about linguiça Blumenau, but it was only in the city itself that we tried this delicacy of German cuisine, characteristic of the region South and we love it.

According to the website of Embutidos Olho, which produces one of the most famous sausages in the region, it is produced from a selection of meats, ham, and pork bacon seasoned with pepper and garlic.

Linguiça Blumenau exposta em loja da Olho Embutidos em Pomerode
Linguiça Blumenau at Olho Embutidos, in Pomerode (Photo: This World is Our)

The coolest thing is that the sausage is ready to eat.No need to heat or fry.It’s buy and eat.Delicious!

In fact, it’s very easy to find not only in Blumenau, but also in Pomerode and even Florianópolis.

18.Vila Itoupava

One more place that we ended up not visiting due to lack of time, but that we would have liked to go to is Vila Itoupava.It is 25 km from the center of Blumenau and is charming.

The architecture is reminiscent of Germany with many half-timbered houses and many of its residents still speak German.A great option for couples.

There are also good restaurants and a brewery there.


30 km from Blumenau, Pomerodeis the most German city in Brazil.It was colonized by immigrants from the region of Pomerania

Homem caminha em frente à casa de estilo enxaimel em Pomerode, SC
Pomerode (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Although it is a small town, Pomerode has many attractions.The main one is the Enxaimel Route.On a 16 km route, you can see around 70 half-timbered houses, that is, built without nails or screws.

The city also has good restaurant options.In addition, there is the Oxfordfactory shop, famous for selling tableware, crystal and porcelain.

There is also a delightful tour of the chocolate factory Nugali, which offers all-you-can-eat chocolate to visitors.By the way, with the same name as the city, you can also visit Pomerode Alimentosand its delicious cheeses.

If you like beer, you can take the Schornstein tour .Don’t forget to go to Olho Embutidos and try the famous Blumenau sausage.

If you visit the region during Easter, you can’t miss Pomerode, as the Osterfestwith the biggest Easter tree in the world, a giant egg, Easter fair and folklore performances.

20.Beto Carrero

If you are in Blumenau, but want to go to Beto Carrero, you will need to take less than 60 km of road, as the distance to Penha is 57 km.

We visited the park on this same trip and were surprised by what we found.Although the park is already 30 years old, it is very well maintained, with great radical attractions, such as the new Rebuliço and two roller coasters, and lots of rides for children.

Pessoas se divertem no brinquedo Rebuliço no Beto Carrero World
Rebuliço (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Besides, there are well-produced shows there by the Madagascar gang and Hot Wheels.What surprised me was the sheer amount of options to eat.I was used to the Playcenter that had hamburgers, hot dogs or pizza.

At Beto Carrero, there are options for food by the kilo, natural sandwiches, hamburgers and much more.

What to do in Blumenau with rain

Look!If there’s one thing we can talk about, it’s what to do in Blumenauwith rain, since we practically only got water on this trip lol.

Actually, we managed to walk around XV de Novembro before the rain hits, but our tips for you to enjoy your trip even in the rain are as follows:

  • Hemmer Factory Store
  • Karsten Store
  • Glas Park Crystal Museum
  • Hering Museum
  • Bier Villa and Eisenbahn Bierhaus, in the Germanic Village
  • Norden Biergarten
  • Blumenau Brewery Tour (but remember that booking is required)

What to do in Blumenau on the weekend

Although Blumenau is a considered a big city, you can do a lot just being there on a weekend.

Portal de Blumenau perto da Vila Germânica com carros passando em dia nublado
Blumenau (Photo: This World Is Ours)

If you only have two daysin the city, take the opportunity to visit Vila Germânica, where Oktoberfest takes place, and try the beers from Bier Villa and Eisenbahn Bierhaus.

Also visit the Hemmer factory store, the Hering Museum and the Glas Park Crystal Museum.Don’t forget to walk along R.).

In winter, it is usually cold.In July, the minimum average is 11º and the maximum is 20º.

By the way, if you want to escape the high season, avoid traveling to Blumenau during Oktoberfest.

The data was obtained from the Climatempo website.

How many days to stay in Blumenau?

Now that you know what to do in Blumenau, let’s talk about the ideal amount of time to spend there.

Although it’s a big city, there aren’t that many attractions there.

If If you’re outside the Oktoberfest season, two full days in the city are enoughto make the most of it.But of course, if you have more time, there will always be something new to discover.

It’s worth using a third day to take a day trip to Pomerode.

By the way, do you have any questions or tips on what to do in Blumenau?Leave it in the comments!

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